[Pre Order] 2013 ELFISH Fangoods [CLOSED]

Hi Everyone! I’ll be taking order for 2013 ELFISH Fangoods – [Love in Deep and High] 🙂 Details as follow~

= Preview =

Photobook + Gifts

Calendar + Gifts

Additional Gift for set purchase

= Photobook =

150 Pages, 22cm by 28cm
1. A5 size Notebook
2. Mobile Phone Dust Plug
3. A3 size Poster
4. LOMO Cards (random 3 kinds)

= 2013 Calendar = 

26 Pages, 23cm by 15cm
1. Mini Weekly Schedule Book
2. Earphone Cord Cable Winders

= Set Gifts =

1. A2 size Poster
2. Little Aiden Bookmark

(All gifts are subjected to changes)

= Dates =

Order by: 17th November 2012
Payment date: 18th – 24th November 2012
Delivery: End December – Early January

= Price =

Photobook: S$85
Calendar: S$33
Set (Calendar + Photobook): S$112

= Order Format =

Email Subject: 2013 ELFISH Fangoods order [Your Name]
Handphone No.:
Order item:

And send the email to: farmily@hotmail.com

= Order Consolidation =

Photobook: 0 orders
Calendar: 0 orders

About FARMily

FARMily Trio is founded by 3 girls whom know each other since Secondary School. And it's pretty obvious, that we specialize in Super Junior merchandise.. *bias here* =) ♥♥ So you may be curious, why are we called FARMily trio? The reason is simple, we are the 'Animals' that lived in this fantasy FARM created when we were in our secondary school, and we each represent a different animals.. There's a total of 8 animals, but only 3 of us decided to start up FARMily =) Thus, from the combined forces from us 3 animals, we hope to bring in more products that will keep your interest. Of course, getting some feedback from you guys helps too.. ^__^ So, don't keep all the comments to yourself, post some comments, or simply email us, so we can improve to serve you better.. =) Remember, we are friendly animals and we don't bite.. ♥♥ p.s. FARMily is now managed by only 1 animal, with occasionally help from the other 2. Please be kind to her~ She dedicate a lot of time on her own~ =)
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