FARMily Trio is set up by 3 girls whom know each other since Secondary School.
Each girls have different interest in fashion and style, thus they’ll liked to share their interest with everyone, and bring the best bargain to all our customers..
And it’s pretty obvious, that we Love Super Junior.. =) ♥♥

So you may be curious, why are we called FARMily trio?
The reason is simple, we are the ‘Animals’ that lived in this fantasy FARM created when we were in our secondary school
And we each represent a different animals.. There’s a total of 8 animals, but only 3 of us is running this business. =)

Introduction of our Individual members:

Mao mao ♥ Jaime
Jaime is the Chicken in our farm, and the main person who updates this blogs and twitter and facebook.
And she is normally the one who would reply to your enquires and source for the product that you want.
We all love her don’t we? ^__^

Amso ♥ Yoke Sun
Sun’s the cow in the farm, the second most active in updating our twitter and facebook.
As what her name is, she’s the one who brings the ‘sunshine’ to the farm
And the person who’ll back up mao mao when she’s not around.. =)
We loved her too.. ^__^

Twaeji ♥ Janice
Janice is the pig in our farm, no, not really because she’s lazy or what, Just that it happens to suit her..
She’s mainly the invester, who focus more on the products. She’s the advisor for the other products that we brought in..
And yes, we love her too..

Thus, from the combined forces from us 3 animals, we hope to bring in more products that will keep your interest. Of course, getting some feedback from you guys helps too.. ^__^
So, don’t keep all the comments to yourself, post some comments on out tagboard, or simply email us, so we can improve to serve you better.. =)

Remember, we are friendly animals and we don’t bite.. ♥♥


Contact us: farmily@hotmail.com

Order Format

Name: Super Junior
Number: 91234567
Collection method: Normal mail/Registered mail/Meet up (Meet up subject to availability)
Address: Block 13 Super Junior street 13 #13-13 SJ(101315)

Item 1:
Item name: Super Junior badge
Quantity: 1
Color: *Only if applicable*
Price: $3.80

Total Amount: $3.80

*Wait for me to get back to you on the total amount if postage is to be included, and I’ll inform you on the payment method too*


– All price stated is in Singapore Dollars $$$
– Choose your products and email your order to us! farmily@hotmail.com
– For enquires of products, we welcome emails at anytime! Alternatively, you may post comments.. ^__^
– For products that you are interested in, but not listed in our website, you can send us email to enquire.. =)
– For overseas buyer, we accept paypal.. ^__^
– View our web album to see all products: Web Album

We hope you enjoy your stay here!

Have a nice day!

Best regards, FARMily ^__^

7 Responses to About

  1. michelle cabagbag says:

    hello I just want to ask if you have Lee Donghae’s official Rainbow towel or the Mokpo towel? And also if you still have Leeteuks JS Holics bag and towel? Thank you.

  2. michelle cabagbag says:

    thank you. I already send my orders.

  3. ♥NyorHeesya♥ says:

    u stil have instock heenim dvd or photobook?

  4. pokepoke901 says:

    Hi, will you be collecting orders for official calender from SM??

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